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Cockroach Control Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

cocroach control service in Dhaka

Cockroaches are one of the most disgusting pests in our inhabitant. These not only spread diseases like diarrhea, dysentery but also causes a bad smell, dirt in the corners of the house. Cockroaches act as an influencer in causing allergies also. As they are nocturnal, their growth can get hidden from you. So when you see one cockroach in your home, you must get sure about a hundred more hiding here and there.

To eradicate them, one needs professional surveillance for sure as a sudden decision of using any bug spray may cause a bad impact on your family’s health. And in this case, we, BD Pest Control, can assure you to be the best assistance for cockroach control. We have the best techniques and effective members of our team for accomplishing our tasks.

We have some appropriate approaches when cockroach encroaches. We go step by step to help the situation and control the future re-infestation also. That’s why we currently provide the best cockroach control service in Bangladesh.

How Do We Work?

Firstly, we try to detect the species of that cockroach as we have the different controlling method for different species.

For this, we begin by inspecting the common hiding places where they might live like under the sink, corners of the room, cardboard boxes, wood cabinet (as cockroaches prefer wood to rest than any other metal or other surfaces). Using glue strips, we do the investigation of large areas of infestation.

Then we put a barrier between the affected and non-affected area. We use caulk to close all the small gaps, entry holes.

Then we try to remove all the available cockroaches by vacuum for reducing their population.

After that, we do seal those areas where they can run and hide.

Then we start the application of appropriate management material for cockroaches like gel baiting, dust and liquid application, bait stations. Bait will kill all stages of cockroaches that may still be there.

We then apply the insect growth regulator.

Physical exclusion is also done if needed. It is an effective way of elimination of certain types of cockroaches.

We keep monitoring continuously via inspection, trapping techniques, regular checking. We usually use sticky traps to locate the hotspot area of that affected place.

I must add to your better understanding and assurance that we use chemicals at the minimum level to keep your place non-risky in future. We do all the things from dictating cockroaches to eradicate them following regular surveillance.

If you suspect of cockroach infestation at your home, office, restaurant, here we are standing to help you tackle the situation with the best approaches.

Why Our Service Is Different From Others?

The BD pest control is a licensed authority to give you offers such as termite control, bed bug control, fumigation service, mosquito control, snake control, woodworm control and so many like this at a reasonable price with the best assistants. We take care of good health and welfare of environment of you and your family.

Unlike to others, we use chemicals less and other techniques more so that your home will remain unhygienic and less in risk for the side effects of those chemicals.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We have an experienced and trained team in these aspects. Our team is dedicated to their work in your assistance and available easily also.

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